BellisiMo wind chimes are hand-crafted in the United States.
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Gold Maple Leaf Sparkling Wind Chime Sun Catcher

If you want DAZZLING in the sunshine, then this is the chime for you! Hundreds of mini prism-rainbows dazzle from this chime.
Faceted clear acrylic beads in various sizes add some serious bling to this chime which has a gold-flecked acrylic maple leaf as its wind-catcher.

Measuring 32" long and 4" wide, gold is the accent color for this sparkling wind chime. Four chime rods strike off a gold wooden disc for a beautiful tinkling melody in the breeze.

Here is a brief video so you can hear this chime:

This wind chime is no longer available for sale.  However, if you'd like me to design a wind chime for you, please contact me via a comment either here or on the Etsy site:  

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  1. oh this is sooooooo lovely and the sounds of it so relaxing to me
    Love it !!