BellisiMo wind chimes are hand-crafted in the United States.
one of a kind items are available for purchase at Etsy.
Custom orders are always welcome:
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Black and Gold Wind Chime

black & gold wind chime

A re-purposed black filigree candle holder is the crown on this bejeweled wind chime, crafted in Michigan.

Black glass beads, gold beads, and faceted clear acrylic beads hang from the crown, along with three chimes. A cats eye bead and a black oval donut anchor this chime.

This chime is strung with nylon-coated jewelry wire, not fishing line.
This wind chime is no longer available for sale.  However, if you'd like me to design a wind chime for you, please contact me via a comment either here or on the Etsy site:  

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