BellisiMo wind chimes are hand-crafted in the United States.
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Twisted Pink

A re-purposed Valentine wire heart basket is the crown on this bejeweled wind chime, crafted in Michigan.

Pink and clear faceted acrylic beads hang from the beaded crown, along with three chimes. The anchor of the chime is an iridescent faceted tear drop, which hangs from a twisted-curly bit of heavy wire. At the top, from a matching bit of twisted-curly wire hangs a tiny iridescent heart.

This chime is strung with nylon-coated jewelry wire, not fishing line, for quality and to help produce a pleasing sound when the bail bead strikes the chimes.

The overall length of this item is 21" and the crown is 3" wide.

This wind chime is also dazzling in the sunlight, and would make a beautiful sun catcher in your garden or hanging in a bedroom or bathroom window. This chime would be a great gift if you know someone who loves light pink in a shabby chic decor.
This wind chime is no longer available for sale.  However, if you'd like me to design a wind chime for you, please contact me via a comment either here or on the Etsy site:

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